Club House  -  Wire Weaving

Instructor: - Jillian Higgins

Cost: - $5.00 Club House Usage Fee

Materials: - Please bring your own materials or materials can be had at the Club


Required Tools: - Instructor has required tools but you can bring any of your own          tools and supplies.

Availability: - see Club House Schedule for specific date and time.

Description: - The process of wire weaving utilizes many shapes and sizes of

       wires the secure stones or gems into the form of a pendants, rings, earrings,

       etc. The process is much like wire wrapping, with one miner exception. In wire

       weaving you utilize a very thin wire to weave intricate designs around your

        base wires to create elaborate pieces or jewelry. It seams extremely

       complicated, but it is really a lot simpler than you would think.