Group Educational Opportunities:  Our Club has a wide variety of educational topics that their members can present to your group.  Groups that we have participated with in the past are Elementary Geology/Science classes, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.  Topics include talks on Fossils, Minerals and Rocks.  Most talks are about an hour in length and include a “Show and Tell” component.

If you are a small lapidary business owner, you may wish to take advantage of advertising in our monthly newsletter, the Rock-A-Teer, and/or posting a link to your business on our webpage.  

Advertisers will receive an ad in each newsletter and/or a link to their webpage for up to one year.  Ads and/or link postings may be renewed on a yearly basis.  No partial year payments will be refunded.  Please contact Jillian Higgins for for newsletter page layout or for posting a link to your business.  All ad content must be proof read and approved by the Board of Directors and paid for in advance.  The ad/link will appear, after approval and payment, in the next available publication of the newsletter and/or as soon as possible on our webpage.

Monthly pricing is as follows:

                                                                             Members                                             Non-Members            

Web page ad:

            Link to your web page                             $25.00                                                $50.00

            Web page                                                $25.00 per page-inch                          $50.00 per page-inch

Newsletter ad:                                                     $25.00 per page-inch                          $50.00 per page-inch

Web page & Newsletter ad:                                $40.00 per link & page-inch                 $80.00 per link & page-inch

Sell / Buy / Trade ad:                                          Same as above prices per mo.            Same as above prices per mo.

Fees effective January 1, 2017

We are also members of the Washington State Mineral Council.  Their web site is

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We are members the American Land Access Assocication. Their web site is

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These web sites contain a lot of interesting, educational and valuable information and links and are worth visiting.