Club House  -  Viking Wire Knitting

Instructor: - Renera Barnes or Joan Lockyer

Cost: - $5.00 Club House Usage Fee, $5.00 Instructor Fee

Materials: - Please bring your own materials or materials can be purchased from

      the instructor. Suggested materials; 28-22 gauge round wire, depending on     

      your desired look.

Required Tools: - Instructor has required tools but you can bring any of your own          tools and supplies. Suggested supply list; kitting needles of various sizes or

      crochet hooks of various sizes, pull plate, chain nose plyers, 

Availability: - see Club House Schedule for specific date and time

Description: - You are only limited by your imagination. This technique utilizes              knitting needles or crochet hooks to weave  wire into anything from necklaces,

      bracelets, earrings, ... you name it. This fun class engages multiple crafting

      disciplines to produce fantastic pieces of unique wearable art.