Tips, Tactics, and Techniques


Rock Tumbling 

Each rock tumbler has it’s own recommendations for the best way to tumble stones. We recommend you keep in mind the hardness and size of your stones and check your tumbler at least once a day to make sure you are not taking off more material than you like.

As far as a generic tumbling process, we recommend the following:

1 week using 60/90 grit

1 week using 120/220 grit

2 weeks using pre-polish

3 weeks using polish





Saw Maintenance


Diamond Pacific has a really good article (linked below) that explains basic saw maintenance techniques. These techniques are applicable to either trim or slab saws with some slight modifications. Always refer to your saw manual if you have one, and if not, most manuals are available online. If you have no idea who the manufacture of your machine is, we have provided a link to all Lortone instruction manuals below.


Cleaning Crystals

The following video is an awesome informational video of how to clean crystals using a cleaner you can pick up at any local grocery store.